Monday, September 29, 2008

Buckingham Street

This is a bit of a mystery photograph. The shop was on the corner of Buckingham Street and Radcliffe Street, opposite the Gas Showroom. I cannot remember anything about it. The "Dura Glit" signs in the window suggest that it may have been an ironmongers  but that is purely a guess.
By the time this photo was taken (1968) the shop had probably fallen on hard times and closed. You can see from this photo how the wall stepped down as the road sloped down to Church Street and Eady, the butcher.


Deb Green said...

I think at one point this shop was the home of Oxfam (or another similar charity). It was a few doors down from where my nan lived. I lived at the other end of Buckingham Street.

Bryan Dunleavy said...

You're right I think about the charity shop. It probably lasted until they tore it down circa 1980 to build the Agora.
The shop looks a bit forlorn in this picture, which may be earlier than 1968 - maybe 1965.

sandra from buckingham street said...

re. 44 stratford road. Mrs read lived here and was a piano teacher.
- taught from here.
Her husband Reg Read was the hairdresser. His business was on the square at the corner of Buckingham street below the masonic hall.

Re. oxfam/charity shop - mum now in her 80s remembers the shop run by a mrs nickels in late40s early 50s selling saucepans general domestic stuff. Husband used to repair shoes in shed at bottom of garden

Bryan Dunleavy said...

Thanks for this. I have looked at the Trade Directories and John George Nicholls appears as a Boot and Shoe Repairer in 1931. From 1935 he shows as a Boot and Shoe Repairer and "Domestic Stores". I probably don't remember the shop because I never used it. We used to take our shoes for repair to the place on the opposite side of the Square, next to Read's the hairdresser.
On the opposite corner of Radcliffe/Buckingham Street was a grocery, run by Albert Leeson until it became a Gas showroom.