Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Front V

Numbers 16 to 20 complete this section of the Stratford Road to Radcliffe Street at "Foster's Corner.
Foster Brothers had a men's clothing store at Number 20, or, as they would say in those days, "Gentleman's Outfitters". They sold  socks, underwear, shirts, hats, trousers, jackets and suits and walking sticks. Men's clothing was invariably tailored, although "off the peg" clothing was being introduced. Jackets and trousers of more-or-less stock sizes were kept at Fosters and alterations then made by the resident tailor.
Next door at 19 was Grices - a cake and pastry shop. I believe they were a Bedford company.
Faithfull Brothers, New Bradwell-based bakers, moved in to No. 18 at about this time. Hitherto this shop had been the Maypole Grocery or Pearkes.
No 17 had been occupied by a chemist, W. Mackerness, since before the war. He retired in 1955 or 6 and sold the business to a Mr Escott who came from outside the town and bought a house in Cambridge Street.
At Number 16, J Canvin, a butcher. Canvins were also butchers at Stony Stratford - the same family but not, I think,  the same business.

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