Monday, September 8, 2008

Wolverton County School 1931

The school photo was something of a perfomance to organize and a welcome intrusion into the school day. Chairs from classrooms and step-up benches from the gym would be hauled out and assembled on the playing fields. Once everyone had been placed the panoramic camera would whir through its clockwork motion until it had captured everyone. There were always apocryphal stories of someone at one end running round the back to appear for the second time in the same picture, but I doubt that anyone would have dared.
This photo cost 1/6d in 1931.
Readable versions of the photo are offered in sections below.
I can of course identify my mother and uncle in this picture, but pupils from the 40s and 50s should be able to identify - Robert Eyles (English), Reginald Long (Physics), James Thomas (French), Zillah Full (Girls Games). I think Miss Nurdin (Maths), who became Mrs Eyles, is in the picture, but I cannot identify her.


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