Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Not quite the end of the story

In 1977, after 15 years of repair work, Wolverton once more undertook new work. They built 24 Post office vehicles, 35 newspaper vans, and 21 diesel-electric multiple units for Northern island Railways. Wolverton was back in business, although with a much-reduced work force. This photo from the 150th anniversary in 1888 gives a flavour of Wolverton Works in its new guise. The original engine shed is on the left and the tracks follow the course of the original main line.

This aerial photo, taken in 1991, just after a fire in the works offices, shows many of the workshops still intact, although not all were used by British Rail

The next photo, taken from the same vantage point as the b/w photo above, shows McConnell Drive as it is today, with the Tesco car park on the left.

And one of the derelict workshops near the canal. For a more complete view of the interior of the smithy you can go to this interesting site.

And on a cheerier note, here is a photo culled from Facebook, of a more recent group of employees. I don't know the year this was taken.

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