Friday, May 6, 2011

Creed Street

This row of twenty terraced cottages, taken from the Church Street corner, was the first of the new section of Wolverton started in 1840. They faced the school and later the Church Institute and the area is now filled by a parking lot. As with many of the other cottages of the period they had two rooms downstairs and two up, and (hard to believe , I know) were considered superior to the first tranche of cottages built in 1838 at the northern end.

This picture was taken about 1960 a few years before the general demolition of this part of town. You can see TV aerials on some of the chimneys but now cars parked outside. Naturally enough they were built before cars were invented but even in 1960 car ownership was rare. Most of the families who lived in these houses could walk to work, walk to the shops, and take subsidised or free travel on the railways if they wanted to travel any distance

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