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Is this the end of the Agora? 1 What people think

A few days ago I observed that many of Wolverton's buildings that were constructed in the  1840s and 1860s are still in use, whereas some that were more architecturally significant have come and gone, or going, in the case of the Agora, I don't know if it is too soon for an obituary for the Agora but I hear that it is to close down on June 20th. Apparently nobody wants to buy the building and it has gradually deteriorated. It was built after the period of this blog's remit but it is an iconic building and is worth some comment. I'll do this in three parts - first some comments on Facebook in reaction to the news, tomorrow I'll post an architect's assessment, and on Saturday I'll make a few comments of my own.

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    • Sheila Higginbotham Knock it down and put the road back it would be much nicer.
      Monday at 16:50 · 

    • Elaine Sullivan Hoorah Hoorah Hoorah
      Monday at 17:09 · 

    • Cllr Sara Agintas for some people it was there lively hood so as you can imagine some people are gutted and have lost thoundsands of pounds
      Monday at 17:10 ·  ·  1 person

    • Sheila Higginbotham 

      That's progress for you, once upon a time Wolverton square looked beautiful with a traditional street running through to Stratford Road then the Agora was built. Don't get me wrong I had many years of fun skating at the Agora. I am sure t...See more

      Monday at 17:19 ·  ·  1 person

    • Bill Monteith well it is good news but not for the hopeful retailers in there....hopefully as said and put it back to the way it was
      Monday at 17:43 · 

    • Vicki Levitt Lost thousands of pounds in lively hoods ???? Selling the tat they sell there ??? Pounds more like!!!! I remember life b4 Agora & bar skating ~ it was a big mistake 4 Wolverton ~
      Monday at 17:49 ·  ·  2 people

    • Sarah Day They knocked down my auntie's home to build the Agora. I do have some fond memories of skating there, but apart from that, I think it needs to be knocked down and put the road back or just make better use of it.
      Monday at 18:17 · 

    • Elaine Sullivan Sorry but for all of us that remember Wolverton before The Agora will be really please about its closure. It was the worse thing that could have happened to Wolverton. The next worry is what will be made of it now
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    • Becky Fenton it will probably be left as derelict land or something like that
      Monday at 18:21 · 

    • Becky Fenton true lolhas been for a fare few years
      Monday at 18:26 · 

    • Phillip Webb lets hope they something with it before it get set on fire, any body know whats happening to the queen vic
      Monday at 18:52 · 

    • Phillip Webb i agree as long as it's a nice English one like the carvery
      Monday at 19:14 · 

    • Phillip Webb any thing as long as it's english food as i don't like all the other food places
      Monday at 19:19 · 

    • John Baker Too many paki shops not enough English eateries. How about having street markets that would bring back local trade.
      Monday at 19:34 ·  ·  2 people

    • Sheila Higginbotham 

      I think the shops may reflect the community today as it did when we were young. Maybe the younger community of Wolverton today have a view on what they would like to see happen with the Agora. As sad as it is, we are not kids anymore and ...See more

      Monday at 21:47 · 

    • Bill Monteith vic is owned by the asian bloke that owns the agora and last i heard (30 mins ago) that planning permission will be put in for an up to date all mod cons mosque as the other one is too small
      Monday at 22:06 · 

    • Linda Kincaid I agree that Wolverton looked a lot better before the Agora was built but it has been there a long time now and it seems a crime to see it stand there derelict . I think it has been run into the ground. I still think it would be a perfect rollerskating rink again but the chances of finding an investor willing to do that now is practically nil.
      Monday at 23:05 ·  ·  1 person

    • Sheila Higginbotham I don't think my arthritic bones could roller skate anymore but would have a go, lol. Would our kids/grandkids want roller skating now?
      Monday at 23:16 · 

    • Heather Julie Fisher i agree with that i used to love going rollerskating lol
      Monday at 23:17 · 

    • Linda Kincaid Roller skating is alive and kicking but Stantonbury leisure centre is used as there isn't anywhere else at the moment.
      Yesterday at 13:28 · 

    • Cllr Sara Agintas the vic is owned by nationwide building society which have no plans to reopen it again
      Yesterday at 13:56 · 

    • Phillip Webb untill it get set on fire
      Yesterday at 14:05 · 

    • Cllr Sara Agintas people have lost there jobs and are very upset
      Yesterday at 14:06 · 

    • Vicki Levitt That of course is very sad ~ we are not insulting them ~ its the building!!! So no need 4 u 2 tell us that!!!
      Yesterday at 14:08 · 

    • Toni Brown YES!!! now re-open that road (what is it called) like it used to be!!!!
      Yesterday at 14:32 · 

    • Sheila Stone Was Radcliffe Street I think
      Yesterday at 14:34 · 

    • Toni Brown yeh thats it.can put back on the 392 bus that went up radcliffe st around southern way then down windsor st.See I remember that plus the other bus that went along the front to stony was the 391.Tehe
      Yesterday at 14:41 ·  ·  1 person

    • Elaine Pilcher The 'Queen Vic' was where I met my husband in 1985 & I remember sitting on 'Dirty Dens' knee too !!!!!!!!
      Yesterday at 15:37 ·  ·  1 person

    • Julie Russell Thompson they use the old post office as a mosque so maybe they will do something on them lines as its hard to park on church st and its car park when they are using it.
      Yesterday at 15:46 · 

    • Linda Kincaid Didn't know the Vic was owned by the nationwide. It would make a great restaurant. That said, Wolverton is like a ghost town some nights so would it get much business. Wierd because so many people live there. I guess everyone goes up the city which is a shame.
      Yesterday at 16:18 · 

    • Vicki Levitt Elaine i worked in the 'vic' wen Den & Angie was there that week ~ they ate chips with me in the kitchen ~ lost my pic's with them ~ i had forgotten all about it ~ Thank u 4 the memory
      Yesterday at 19:43 · 

    • Rebecca Nevard 

      I live in Bletchley now and it feels the same - although I don't have the same feeling of nostalgia as I do with Wolverton... I wish i could boycott the city, but there is nothing in the older bits of MK so you are forced to use the city a...See more

      Yesterday at 19:51 ·  ·  2 people

    • Elaine Pilcher Not a prob Vicki :) I have my photo of 'Den' (somewhere) !!!!!! lol
      Yesterday at 20:23 · 

    • Sheila Higginbotham I no longer live in MK so therefore it is not my place to champion the cause but please contact the local Councillor who are your voice in the community. Cllr Sara Agintas has posted on this thread and I'm sure will listen and put forward your views.
      Yesterday at 20:37 · 

    • Mel Dickson I heard years ago it was going to be knocked down......i've seen sketches of what they intend to do with the land and guess what....its houses!
      3 hours ago ·  ·  1 person

    • Phillip Webb they should put back the houses they got rid of to build the thing
      2 hours ago · 

    • Sheila Stone They should never have built it, it cut Wolverton right in half!
      2 hours ago · 

    • Julie Russell Thompson carl i was on about when they where little as mum was at school with them
      2 hours ago · 

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Anonymous said...

It’s a simple. Jerry’s rollerdisco wants to come back to the Agora. Many people who lived and enjoyed this purpose built venue have fantastic memories of great times back in the 1980's. Ok the building still stands and is a little worn around the edges but what we remember is the times we had...and we want to bring it back for all the older skaters and a whole new generation. Jerry and I went to see the management a few months ago, we did get a little interest but nothing material happened. Now we want to go back and tell them that the good people of MK want their skating back. We can do this if we can demonstrate that we have a demand. Sp please join our group and tell us the storied and memories you have....the more the merrier. How I miss those days. Hope all is good with you all and fingers crossed...One day............