Railway and Works

Royal Train Coach

Travelling in style: Interior of a Victorian Royal Coach

Early Victorian Royal Coach

The Viaduct under construction 1838, J.C. Bourne
Building the embankment 1837, J.C. Bourne
Early engraving of the viaduct showing a wooden Haversham Bridge

The original engine shed (1838) on the left; 1845 workshops on the right.

The "Soiree" of Christmas 1849 held in the Repair Shop

Wolverton's first station 1838-1840

Wolverton's second station 1840-1880
Wolverton Station waiting room 1845

Wolverton's third station 1880 -2000

Model of a McConnell "Bloomer" design locomotive

One of McConnell's "Bloomers" photographed c 1860 at Wolverton.

Derelict workshop beside the canal

This aerial view shows the original railway line and the workshops on either side. The bottom right hand corner was the location of Wolverton Station 1840-1880

Today, McConnell Drive has replaced the original railway line.

The first workshop (1838) is on the left. On the right the workshop built in 1845. The original main line passed between them until 1880.

Accounting staff c 1910

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